Waitlist & Appointments Solution

Be in control and focus on delivering more value

Pricing and Plans




✓100 Text Free




✓1000 Text Monthly
✓Performance Reports
✓1 Team Member




✓5000 Text Monthly
✓Performance Reports
✓5 Team Members
✓Automated Messages
✓Two-way Text




✓10,000 Text Monthly
✓Performance Reports
✓10 Team Members
✓Automated Messages
✓Two-way Text
✓POS Integration





✓25,000 Text Monthly
✓CSV Data Dump Emails
✓25 Team Members
✓Automated Messages
✓Two-way Text
✓POS Integration
All Plans 
✓Online Appointments ✓Pagers Integration ✓Online Self-Booking ✓Customizable Fields ✓Check-In Kiosk ✓Industry Specific 

*Resellers receive cashback for each business that they support. Please contact us for more details.

How It Works

Create a steady workload and deliver a reliable service


Easily add and manage customers waiting for service, set wait times and notifying them with updates on their reservation.


Send messages to your customers to update them on their reservation, with instant messaging to their phone, or pagers.


Increase your efficiency, profitability, and track your rush hours by checking your reports. 


About LineupApp 

LineupApp keeps you in control of your business and focused on delivering more value

Our mission is to address the problem of poor customer experiences caused by long wait times for service, which leads to loss of customers' trust


Limited capacity to serve customers combined with peak demand results in long wait time and even turning down customers which ultimately leads to losing customers to the competition


LineupApp is focused on getting to immediate customers service and a steady workload, which leads to happier customers, more consumptions, and more sales


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